01/06/2018 07:30pm the Hive Central

World Unplugged


World Unplugged is a movement and initiative that is a return to the true spirit of music and performance with a nod to the bohemian and multicultural roots of Ibiza. It’s a platform to connect authentic values and creativity through cultural, free-spirited gatherings, surrounded by nature, cherishing body, mind and soul and deep connections with oneself and others. Our philosophy is to evoke human connection whilst unplugging from technology.

Where better to start than the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in the world Hong Kong! What started on the island of Ibiza as secret pop-up acoustic concerts and live intimate theatre– in the most unique and naturally wild locations—has become recognised as the only experience to attend if you want high-level atmospheric and connective entertainment which is not DJ-oriented, featuring household names and the best undiscovered musicians, actors, artists and performers who will inspire and humble the most discerning of crowds.

World Unplugged and Faustian Times have teamed up to bring this unique vibe to Asia and create an intimate, acoustic and magical experience in surprising and beautiful settings that will resonate with those for a deep love for music.

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