Online: The Life of a Startup & How to Overcome Risk

Learn about the startup lifecycle, and how to mitigate the most common risks to keep your business on track. 

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CompanyCover is a Hong Kong-based, digital insurance brokerage startup. Their goal is to make insurance accessible and affordable for SMEs.

CompanyCover’s team will identify the various types of risk that startups face, whether it’s funding, development, maintenance, or employee management, before delving into the best ways to avoid these risks.

📆 Date:  29 June,2020 Monday 

🕒 Time: 6PM – 7PM (GMT+8)
📍Where: Zoom x Facebook Live

Here’s what you can expect:

Pt.1: Risks for employers, management & CEOs

Pt.2: Risks for employees

Pt.3: How to identify, mitigate and adapt to risks 

Pt.4: Different types of insurance and how it can mitigate risk

Pt.5: Live Q&A with startup and insurance experts


About our speakers:
Alex Montgomery – CTO 

Alex has over 5 years of tech experience across a number of industries including fintech and e-commerce. He is a full-stack developer with a passion for new technologies (including AI expertise) and applying them to the business world. He is also a fully qualified insurance advisor with over 8 years of experience as an IFA, and startup experience with Airbnb and his own ventures.


Oliver – Head of Partnerships

Oliver is an award-winning Essex University graduate, who moved to Hong Kong to pursue a career in insurtech. Oliver has a wide range of interpersonal and analytical skills, and extensive start-up experience from his time in the UK. He is also a fully licensed insurance agent in Hong Kong, understanding both the needs of Hong Kong’s startup community, and the best products to provide them with.

Milly – Head of Customer Service

Milly recently joined CompanyCover, having worked in the SME insurance industry for over 20 years in companies such as Allianz, AIG, and Marsh. Milly has an excellent track record and reputation in the industry as an insurance broker, providing direct insurance advice and customer service.

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