Online: Biohack Your Breath – Intro to Breathwork

Combining breathing exercises and meditation, certified instructor and breathwork coach, Brian Lai, will be your guide on your journey inwards.


Register here, and we’ll send you a Zoom link shortly after:

📆 Date: 19 August, 2020 Wednesday 

🕒 Time:  11:00AM-11:45AM

📍Where: Zoom

💳Fee: Hive Members – 90HKD
Non-members – 100HKD

The amount paid for this session ($90 for Hive Members, $100 for non-members) will be credited as a discount for Brian’s upcoming Wim Hof Method Ice Plunge Experience. Members $800, non-members $900. 

Supercharge your mind, body and spirit in this Primal Breathwork workshop by experiencing the power of the breath and the Wim Hof Method. The breath is the fastest and most powerful access point into the human nervous system, by mastering our breath we can effectively take control of our internal state, evolving from passenger to pilot. The techniques you will learn have been shown to help unlock tangible health benefits, including increased energy, lowered stress, improved concentration and a boost to the immune system and overall well-being.

About Brian Lai

Brian is the first certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method in Australia and Asia and was personally trained by The Iceman. A breathwork coach, Brian has continued to grow in the field of breathwork by studying with other modern-day masters like Patrick McKeown (Oxygen Advantage/Buteyko), Stig Severinsen (four-time world freediving champion) and Kasper Van Der Meulen (Biohacking Breathwork.) His breathwork skill has been his greatest tool in helping him sustain balance amidst the fast-paced and claustrophobic nature of Hong Kong. Brian’s mission is to help spread the importance and benefits of conscious breathing to Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.

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