19/10/2017 08:00am

Breakfast Masterclass: How Data Analytics and Machine Learning Can Drive Your Business to Success | 8:00-9:00AM

Come Join Us for our first of many breakfast masterclasses, we invite people who are starting their own business or planning to be an entrepreneur to participate! At each masterclass we invite a keynote speaker to share his/her unique experience and insights on a particular topic and theme. Breakfast will be served so get yourself comfortable for this amazing event! For our first event we have invited Justin Yek (CEO & co-founder of Metisa) to share his views on how data analytics and machine learning can drive your business to success. Grab a croissant and learn all about the secrets and success of an eCommerce Businesses.

Date: 19th October 8-9 am
Speaker: Justin Yek
Ticket Price: $170* for general public, ($150* for early bird and The Hive members)
Remark*: Eventbrite charges an administrative fee which is not included in the pricing.

Note: Can use Paypal direct to avoid the administrative fee from eventbrite here: paypal.me/LIMEHK/150

The Speaker – Justin Yek

Justin Yek is an investment banker turned software engineer. He is the CEO & co-founder of Metisa, a personalization platform that converts a retailers’ data into sales using machine learning. Metisa is proprietary technology of Altitude Labs, a software consultancy that creates transformative products by solving complex data and engineering problems and marrying user experience with business goals. Their client portfolio includes some of Asia and America’s largest companies impacting over 100 million users.

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