29/06/2017 07:00pm the Hive Central HK

Thursday Social x Bottleshock: Winetasting 101

Winetasting 101 takes the sometimes stuffy and overcomplicated world of wine tasting and turns it on its head by putting the taster at heart of the event rather than the wines.

An evening of self-guided discovery, with no long speeches on soil types and grape clones, it is a chance to explore your palate, discover what you like and to socialise along the way. As you move through the tasting you’ll understand what people mean when they use terms like acidity & tannin and discover the wide range of flavours you can find in different wines.

The plan is that by the time you make it to the bar, which will be fully stocked with a host of bottles from our favourite artisan producers, you’ll have an idea of what you like. We can then match you with your perfect wine and you can relax and round off the evening with a proper glass or two of your favourite discoveries.

Stay tuned for ticket details!

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