19/09/2017 06:00pm

Sustainability Event | the Hive Central | 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Hong Kong and Sustainability, this doesn’t sound like the most obvious combination. But is that based on facts? Why or why not is it true? To what extent does sustainability play a role in a metropole like Hong Kong? And what are emerging trends in this industry?

19th of Septmeber, 5 experts from the sustainable industry will provide us with their opinion and knowledge seen from different viewpoints and backgrounds.

It is promised to be a very interesting night where we will get to know the status of Hong Kong’s sustainability while have some drink and snacks at our roof terrace.

The event is free and places are limited so subscribe to secure a seat by sending an email to events@thehive.com.hk.

More details will unfold below:


the Hive CoFarm
The Hive Co Farm is the newest addition to the Hive worldwide’s network of coworking spaces and is intended to be used by members who are engaged in urban farming, the development of agritech and greentech start ups, as well as aqua-culture and hydroponic start ups. A very interestng development in a city known as a finance hub. What is the future for these kind of projects? And does this mean a new trend has emerged?


EcoMatcher links fully vetted and transparent sustainability or eco causes to companies, customers and employees. By provide these causes a platform to market themselves globally, they are able to raise funds while increasing their impact. Does that mean there is in acreasing amount of demand for these kind of services?


Being active in the sustainability industry since 1987, GlobeScan has seen a lot of changes happening and is able to provide us with a very deep insight on what current trends are and, if or if not, the status of Hong Kong as a sustainable city is improving. GlobeScan provides advice to firms and NGO’s on the topic on sustainabilty and conduct their own research to support this advise.


Flux Compass
Flux Compass consults businesses and individuals in the field of sustainability, innovation, futures and strategy. What are frequent occuring problems on the road to become an innovative organization, and what does that say about the develoment of Hong Kong?


Jacqueline Faulkner
Being closely related to different firms in the sustainability sector, Jacqueline has a very broad experience of what role sustainability is playing in Hong Kong and what the major pitfalls are for a company doing business in this sector. Are the amount of sustainble-oriented corporations growing, and if so, does that mean that market is expanding?

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